Land Home Financial Services
Is Your Key to Success


Land Home Financial Services, Inc. is committed to your continued success. We offer multiple delivery alternatives, provide delegated and non-delegated options, an assorted line of loan products, and exceptional client service. Become a lending partner with us today!

Land Home Financial Services, Inc. (herein LHFS) is a privately owned, nationwide, community focused mortgage lender providing quality mortgage services since 1988. Committed to delivering a superior mortgage experience to its customer, LHFS has embraced a relationship centric lending model across their six lending divisions. Headquartered in Concord, CA, LHFS has been recognized both nationally and locally for their commitment to providing quality products and service.

The Correspondent Lending Division of LHFS is a seasoned group of veteran mortgage professionals specializing in innovative Delegated and Non-Delegated programs.

Our down payment assistance and manufactured home conventional purchase loans will provide you with unique products you need to succeed. Our main priority is to assist our partners efficiently, answer the needs of their customers in a cost-effective manner, and foster long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

Our Promise

  • Our culture emphasizes consistent and prompt response times
  • Superior service experience
  • Provide Sellers with knowledgeable resources
  • Comprehensive program training
  • Prudent lending practices